Government Shipping

In the global arena of government shipping, essential supply chain efficiencies and cargo protection are the first lines of defense in designing a secure and fully compliant logistics plan.

As a sustaining member with the National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA), bjh Worldwide Logistics is an industry leader committed to going beyond the call of duty in providing the proper equipment and extensive industry knowledge required to service all branches of the United States government.

We offer our customers custom-built transportation solutions, data integration, Syncada™ payment processing and superior customer service for air, LTL/FTL ground and ocean cargo.

Our CRAF (Civil Reserve Air Fleet) agreement enhances bjh’s capabilities to transport government commodities internationally. Central to our seamless, superior service is strict governmental compliance, allowing bjh to protect the security of cargo throughout the logistics pipeline.

As a 2015 Corporate Distinguished Service Award recipient, bjh maintains the highest level of membership available in support of the NDTA’s goals and programs.

Government Transportation Highlights

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Service
  • Approved SCAC
  • Country to Country
  • On Base and Off Base Services
  • Perishable and General Cargo
  • Theater Distribution
  • Spot Quotes
  • Customized Tenders

Custom-built Government Solutions

  • CRAF Sponsored Forwarder
  • C-TPAT, IATA and TAPA Certified
  • Dedicated Operation Specialists
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Syncada™ Payment Processing
  • Certified Cargo Screening Facilities
  • Supply Chain Securities